The webinar is addressed to 15-18 years students and their teachers.

Biomimicry offers great scope for STEM teaching. The process of biomimicry design integrates science, design and engineering. This approach encourages inter-disciplinary collaboration and teamwork.

Biomimicry has been defined as ‘learning from and then emulating natural forms, processes and ecosystems to create more sustainable designs’ (Baumeister, 2014). Biomimicry has been inspiring designers and engineers for many years.

The attraction for young people is that they are truly involved in future developments by coming up with realistic designs and lobbying stakeholders like city planners, engineering departments of universities and companies. They learn how to work with their peers at a European level and how to collaborate with different people to develop and promote their designs.

* * *

Natural Entrepreneurs is a European funded project encouraging students to use biomimicry as a research and design tool. It provides an online platform which guides student teams through the Biomimicry Design Process. It offers an opportunity to explore how biomimicry can tackle the sustainability challenges facing Europe today and presents the applications of biomimicry design as desirable and viable solutions.

Natural Entrepreneurs provides a coherent fit across science, design, and business disciplines, offering content and application within a meaningful context. Biomimicry is attractive because it supports a move towards inquiry-based learning and encourages peer learning. It is also satisfying for teachers wishing to make use of the outdoor environment and reconnect their learners with nature.

Why attend this event?

  • Understand the principles of biomimicry.
  • See how businesses are using biomimicry to develop new products.
  • Learn how schools are inspiring students with biomimicry and addressing sustainability.
  • Find out how you can use Natural Entrepreneurs for free.
  • Access support for yourself and your organisation.

The webinar lasts an hour. You can enrol to one of the planned sessions:

  • Monday, the 6th of March, 17:00 (Romanian time)
  • Thursday, the 9th of March, 18:00 (Romanian time)
  • Thursday, the 23rd of March, 18:00 (Romanian time)

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