The Terra Mission is an self-paced MOOC, giving primary and secondary teachers the opportunity to raise environmental awareness in their schools and beyond. This course aims to provide participants with knowledge of contemporary sustainability issues and tools to help students take action on climate change.

Participants will not only explore the Tera Mission educational resources but also learn about outdoor experiences and practical assignments. The MOOC Rerun will guide you into creating your own learning scenarios and much more! 


  • Module 1: Terra Mission – Strategies to Raise Environmental Awareness – opens on 11 sept. 2023
  • Module 2: Explore Terra Mission Educational Pack – opens on 18 sept. 2023
  • Module 3: Outdoor Experiences, and Practical Assignments – opens on 25 sept. 2023
  • Module 4: Design Learning Scenarios with Terra Mission Content and Resources – opens on 02 oct. 2023

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to integrate the Terra Mission Educational Pack in the school curricula.
  • Learn how to teach sustainability in the classroom for climate action.
  • Learn how to integrate outdoor education and practical assignments in the school curricula.
  • Gain a well-rounded understanding of contemporary sustainability issues.
  • Learn how to transmit this newly acquired knowledge to the students.
  • Discover different educational methodologies that stimulate students’ analytical and critical thinking skills, collaboration, communication, and active participation competencies.

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