The call for applications for Inclusive Education Ambassador role within the European Union and Council of Europe Joint Project Inclusive Schools: Making a Difference for Roma Children (INSCHOOL) is open until the 30th of September 2022.

The main aim of the initiative is to raise the awareness of the general and professional public about the benefits of inclusive education, but also to support the capacity of schools, educators and relevant education authorities to improve learning environments and governance processes to respond to the needs of all children.

INSCHOOL is looking for individuals who are willing to share their personal or professional stories of the benefits that they have experienced in their education, professional and personal life as a result of their participation in an inclusive education environment.

There will be appointed a number of Ambassadors to support national level implementation (from the 6 implementing countries) and also international profiles to ensure cross-country exchanges and learning. For that purpose, the Project it is looking for a diversity of profiles with a compelling story as Roma and non-Roma students, Roma parents, teachers, school principals, young graduates, academics, activists, community organisers, public figures, and other relevant profiles.

The application deadline passes on the 30 September. The candidates are requested to submit a CV in English and a filled-in application and nomination form. It is also possible to nominate a candidate having obtained his/her prior agreement to do so.

Details, background document and the application and nomination form:

Source and image: Council of Europe