The Advancing Learning Global Teachers’ Festival is back in force with another round of world-class teacher training, free giveaways and lots more from 14th to 25th February 2022.

With topics such as teaching online, inclusion, sustainability in the classroom, global skills, learner autonomy and many many more, the Global Teachers’ Festival 2022 promises to be the ELT teacher development event of the year!

Teachers can register for any session or all:

Session 1: Developing literacy skills: a path to successful learning
Session 2a: Globalising students in a perfect world: how education can truly move forward
Session 2b: Doodle Town / Global Stage Showcase and Q&A

Session 1: Fostering Engagement and Motivation Online
Session 2a: Your Guide to Teacher Development in 2022
Session 2b: Language Hub Showcase and Q&A

Session 1: To Learn, to Play, to Think: Helping young learners develop linguistically and cognitively
Session 2a: Psychological research in the ELT classroom
Session 2b: Give Me Five! Showcase and Q&A

Session 1: Problem-solving for Future-proofing
Session 2a: SDG: As Easy as 1,2,3
Session 2b: Get Involved! Showcase and Q&A

Session 1: Developing 4 skills for early exam success
Session 2a: Insights into the future of ELT Publishing
Session 2b: Story Central Plus Showcase and Q&A

Session 1: Collaborative Learning: From Local to Global
Session 2a: Global Citizenship Education: what exactly is a global citizen?
Session 2b: Gateway to the World Showcase and Q&A

DAY 7:
Session 1: Real life and the classroom: making language learning meaningful
Session 2a: Drama Scripts as a Tool in Language Practice
Session 2b: Speak Your Mind Showcase and Q&A

Session 1: Finding Peace in a Communicative Learning Environment
Session 2a: Mindfulness to support teacher’s wellbeing and resilience in day-to-day work life
Session 2b: Share it! Showcase and Q&A

Session 1: Skillful teaching for enhanced student engagement in study skills
Session 2a: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – the new kid in town?
Session 2b: Skillful Showcase and Q&A

All attendees will benefit from:

  • Personalised certificates (sent straight to your email after the event)
  • Macmillan Education Course Showcases (with free, temporary access to Macmillan Education courses)
  • Handouts for every session (for you to practice what you learn)


Source and image: Macmillan Education
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